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kate 10/03/2012 01h12

Deconstructing Domain Name Industry Math

Deconstructing Domain Name Industry Math

by Edwin on February 25, 2012

Deconstructing domain name industry math, or why the domain name you’re after is likely worth more than you think it is.

At Memorable Domains, we consistently receive emails that seek to “educate” us about our core business. You may have come across the kind of thing I mean already: “I’ll give you £25 for your domain name. That’s 3x what you paid for it so you’ll make a nice profit.” or “I’ll offer £50 – that’s already more than it’s worth.” or even “You should sell us the domain name for £100 because that’s all we can afford.”

The mental model their authors have of how the industry works is so far from reality that it’s worth taking a moment to deconstruct it and highlight just how misguided such offers really are.


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