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Par défaut Stephane Vangelder (version EN) : Huge success for new gTLD pre-orders

A company running an ingenious pre-order system for new gTLDs which it expects will be launched once ICANN's program gets underway claims to have received over 300,000 pre-orders since it started the service a month ago.

Registrations are free on this system run by domain pre-order specialist, which possible helps explain such huge levels of interest for a service which may be seen as rather theoretical at best. After all, putting down a pre-order on a TLD that doesn't even exist yet seems a bit odd.

But a list of potential TLDs is displayed to users of this service and gives a fascinating insight into the kind of suffixes that could be in the works by this time next year. These include geo TLDs like .africa, .gal, .pdx, .bayern, .ker, .quebec, .bcn, .lat, .sco, .bzh, .lli, .vla, .cym, .med, .yks, .eng, .arab, .eus, .indigi; City TLDs like .berlin, .NYC, .vancouver, .munich, .paris, .boston, .london, .ottawa, .miami, .hamburg, .montreal, .chicago, .köln, .toronto, .dallas; or general interest TLDs like .eco, .fam, .family, .green, .health, .xxx, .golf, .movie, .web, .resort, .music, .sex, .blog, .sport, .news, .radio, .futbol, .sucks, .vin, .football.

The success of this pre-order system is bound to encourage more new gTLD initiatives. It's the first clear and factual indication that new gTLDs are likely to generate important registration volumes once they are launched.

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