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Par défaut Stephane Vangelder : .NYC gets official support

Last week, on February 12th, New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn made it clear that New Yorkers are serious about getting their own TLD. During the State of the City speech, Quinn said that New York would soon have its own place on the web with .NYC.

There are two kinds of CityTLD initiatives. Projects like .PARIS or .BCN (for Barcelona) have the support of the local authority from the word go. .PARIS is an fine example of that. You really couldn't imagine a stronger signal than that sent by deputy Paris Mayor Jean-Louis Missika last year. He opened the Paris ICANN meeting gala event with a speech in which he expressed the city's desire to get .PARIS!

The other kind of CityTLD initiative is the one started by private enterprise. That's what happened for .BERLIN and .NYC. The latter has been championed for years by Antony Van Couvering, who rejoiced on his blog a few days ago when .NYC was elevated to official New York City project status by Christine Quinn.

Support from the local authority is a must for any CityTLD because it is a prerequisite for ICANN to accept a CityTLD application. Looks like .NYC is set now. Good for them.

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