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Par défaut Stephane Vangelder : ICANN ad for new TLDs

Reading through the current issue of The Economist magazine, my jaw dropped as I turned to page 155 and saw an advert for ICANN!

Focussed on the new TLD program which, I quote, "could produce a new wave of innovation – innovation for business and billions of non-English speakers," this looks like a determined step by ICANN to stay ahead of the criticism that is being levelled at it for trying to usher in an ear of new TLDs on the Internet too quickly.

Recent Internet news stories have adamantly claimed that a US Department of Commerce letter posted to the ICANN new TLD comment board showed stern disapproval by the current administration for the new TLD program. I'm not sure I'd go along with that. After all, the program has been in preparation for the last couple of years and there's no way the US government has just found out about it. If it wanted to veto the program, it could have done so much more decisively a while ago.

The Economist ad may be a way for ICANN to make it clear to people that, yes, new TLDs are coming. "In the second half of 2009, ICANN is planning to open up a process that could create more names at the top level," reads the ad, in an obvious reminder that the timetable is set and that this is due to happen in a few months.

On a personal note, I'm glad and even a little proud to see domain names come out of their niche and be thrust into the mainstream in this way.

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