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Par défaut Stephane Vangelder : IDN new gTLDs confirmed by ICANN

It's now official: IDNs will be available at the very start of the new gTLD process.* This was confirmed by ICANN in a document published this week listing responses to the major questions asked during the Cairo public forum. In it, ICANN staff says: "It should be noted that IDN applications will be accepted as part of the new gTLDs process (…) There are additional criteria that need to be considered for IDNs (…) However, applications for IDNs will be accepted and will be introduced at the same time as other gTLDs."

You couldn't ask for a straighter answer. One that is very much inline with the document as a whole. It's the first time that a set of responses to public forum questions has been published by ICANN and it's a very welcome initiative.

Before, public forum participants may have gotten the feeling that they were essentially "talking to themselves", i.e. not getting unequivocal responses to their questions or comments. This document addresses that and should encourage increased participation in the public forum and ICANN meetings in general.

I think congratulations are in order for producing such a document. Let's hope ICANN does so again for future public forums.

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