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Unhappy seller takes huge loss seller takes huge loss sells for a fraction of what it sold for in 2007.

We always hear stories about people who bought domains and flipped them for many times their purchase price. But the opposite also happens.

Take the case of, which just sold for $42,500 at Sedo.

The last time this domain (reported) sold was in 2007. Purchase price: $130,000.

It's possible the domain also changed hands in 2008. Regardless of if it has changed hands since 2007, the domain took a total haircut of $87,500 during that period.

Not pretty.

There's not a whole lot you can do with from a commerce perspective other than offer elephant hunting trips.

Ideally a buyer would use the domain to help shed more light on Robert Mugabe's atrocities.
Source: seller takes huge loss - Domain Name Wire

Lesson: if you're going to purchase a big ticket domain, have a development plan handy and monetize without delay
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