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Exclamation Five Years in State Prison Awaits Convicted Domain Thief - Who Wants to Be Next?

The best news I have heard this week has to be word that a convicted domain thief is going to jail for his crime. 26-year-old Daniel Goncalves will not be doing his time in some minimum security lock up either. After pleading guilty in a plea bargain arrangement the New Jersey Division of Criminal Justice will recommend that Goncalves spend five years in state prison and also pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in restitution. Union County Superior Court Judge Stuart L. Peim scheduled a sentencing hearing for May 6, 2011. Had he not pled out, Goncalves might have earned 15 years in the slammer.

As we told you in August 2009, Goncalves picked the wrong people to steal from when he hijacked and two other domains from industry pioneer Marc Ostrofsky and his partners Albert and Lesli Angel. Albert Angel happens to be a noted attorney and former U.S. Justice Department prosecutor. Oops!
Five Years in State Prison Awaits Convicted Domain Thief Daniel Goncalves - Who Wants to Be Next?
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